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Curious how this photo was taken?

Here is a report about the MIOPS SMART that I can absolutely recommend …

Neugierig wie man dieses Foto entstanden ist ?

Hier ein Bericht zu dem MIOPS SMART, den ich unbedingt empfehlen kann.

#miops #highspeed #trigger #photography

MIOPS SMART | Cortis Photographie
MIOPS SMART (english Version). Before I start the review, I want to say thanks to the MIOPS Team ( as they have given me the opportunity to test the MIOPS SMART with my camera. What is the MIOPS SMART? The MIOPS SMART is a trigger for your camera or flash unit and it is supported …

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Ian Crawford

Immer noch einer der interessantesten Künstler des Staubs und der Flüssigkeiten….
Ian Crawford

Still one of the most interesting artists of dust and liquids….

#photography #liquid #dust

Photographer Ian Crawford
Designcollector – 10 Years. DCMAG Digital Decade Competition · ✕ DESIGNCOLLECTOR · Printed Magazine · Official Tumblr · · · Our Books. View by Flow. Made In Rus…

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a little look back

My small album is filling up more and more, again I get nice and constructive feedback.

Therefore about it is time to thank you …..
Thank you
ein kleiner Rückblick…

Mein kleines Album füllt sich immer mehr und immer wieder bekomme ich schönes und konstruktives Feedback.

Deshalb ist es auch langsam Zeit sich zu bedanken…..

#photography #fotografie #art #bcor #cortis


In Album Cortis Photographie – Farbarchiv

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